Nepal on 25thApril 2015 badly hit by a devastating earthquake of magnitude7.8 and aftershock of 7.3 on 12th May2015 caused 8654 deaths, over 22000 injured, 375 missing, 202157 buildings fully and 214202 buildings partially damaged including cultural heritage, and government’s office buildings. In this moment of grief, SWAN would like to express deepest condolences to people who lost their lives and extends its sincere concernto those families who have lost their relatives in this devastating earthquake. We also pray to god for sooner recovery of health of all injured and to give strength to those families who lost their beloved members and property from this powerful devastating earthquake to cope and resilience from the grief.

In the aftermath of earthquake 2072 (BS), support from Nepal Government, human service organizations, institutions, individuals, social workers and foreign assistance is highly appreciable and we would like to appreciate all concerned parties from the bottom of our heart and extend sincere thanks to Nepal Army, Nepal police, humanitarian agencies, human service organizations, rescue team from different countries, social workers, media, medical team and volunteers for their precious humanitarian aid and work for rescuing and saving thousands of lives. Not only have the rescue but also include relief material to the displaced by the earthquake.

The devastating quake has also caused thousands of survivors, injured; women, children, elderly people, disable and adults displaced from their home, and forced to live in temporary shelter. They indubitably are in need of psychological first aid, safety, food, shelter and further support for reconstruction and rehabilitation.

In this connection, we realized that there is a great need of social workers to pay special attention and provide gender sensitive assistance to women, pregnant women, girl child, disables, and seniors in the temporary camps according to their special needs such as health, nutrition, sanitation, education and security to bring them back in normal condition. SWAN therefore invites all interested social workers, individuals from different professional background to put integrated efforts in such humanitarian precious work for resilience.

Dr. Dilli Ram Adhikari
Social Worker’s Association Nepal (SWAN)

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