Membership Details

Required Qualification for Membership

The following qualification shall be fulfilled for getting the membership of this Association;

  1. Nepali citizen above 18 years of age.
  2. Person who has contributed remarkably in social work sector with volunteering spirit.
  3. Person without any moral derailment and without any criminal record.
  4. Mentally healthy person.
  5. Person who doesn’t have any personal interests from the association.
  6. Person who is not disqualified by the law of the land.
  7. At least graduated in social work education.
  8. Person having volunteering spirit for the social development.


End and suspension of membership

  1. If resigned with adequate reason(s).
  2. If died.
  3. If became absent in the three consequent meeting without notice.
  4. If did not pay the annual fee.
  5. If the person worked to harm the Association, misused the property of the association, s/he will be given the fifteen days time for justification.
  6. If proved to be involved in the violation of the codes of conduct of social work.
  7. If found to involve in corruption and other morally degrading activities.
  8. If found initiating political activities and involvement both in the Association; since this organization in completely non-political.


  1. If membership is not provided to any applicant, s/he will be informed with reasonable cause.
  2. Each member will be abided by the rules and regulations of the Association as mentioned in the statue and its bylaws.