The Social workers Association, Nepal (SWAN) is a national organization striving for social justice, human rights and social development through the promotion of social work education, social work best practice models and the facilitation of national and international collaboration.

  • Promote standards social work practice to achieve social development and social change
  • Facilitate cooperation with government of Nepal, national and international social organizations
  • Provide support to academic institutions for developing standards curriculum in social work and its promotion.
  • Policy advocacy on social development issues, social policy, social justice, peace, social security, social inclusion and human rights.
  • Conduct research on existing social, economic, cultural and indigenous social work best practices in Nepal and publications.
  • Establish network with social work communities and academic institutions at national and global level.
  • Work in close collaboration with different social organizations to improve socio-economic condition of the marginalized communities.
  • Exchange of technology and knowledge with international//regional/national institutions.

General Assembly

SWAN is governed by General Assembly the total members of SWAN social workers and academic institutions and social organizations which the ultimate authority of the organization responsible to elect executive committee, approve annual programme and budget, approve rules, regulations, policies, approve new membership of the association. General assembly meets annually and biannually as per the need.

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