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Dilli Ram Adhikari, MSW, Ph.D. is the founding President of Social Workers Association, Nepal (SWAN).  He has more than 30 years of experience in social work education, social work practice, community development, social advocacy and empowerment of deprived and marginalized communities in Nepal. Likewise he has extensive experience in promoting social organizations by providing technical support in management, organizations, participatory planning, implementation, and monitoring & evaluation. He has practical experiences in conducting qualitative and qualitative research in social issues, problems, policy and impact of social services provided by different human service organizations to individuals, groups and communities to improve socio-economic, psychological and spiritual well-being of deprived and marginalized communities.  Dr. Dilli Ram Adhikari is campus chief of Nepal School of social work.





Mr. Krishna  Sundar  Khaitu is a founding Vice President of Social workers’ Association Nepal (SWAN). He is Executive Chief of Suvadra Foundation Nepal (SF – Nepal), an NGO working with and for children with disabilities. It focuses the rights, social justice, opportunity and meaningful participation, empowerment, inclusive education and sports for CWDs for their respected and dignified life in a barrier free environment in Nepal.  SF – Nepal is implementing Swarga Children’s Home -a home for children with physical disabilities, daycare center – a rehabilitation and special education center and Physiotherapy Service Center. Mr. Khaitu has over 12 years of experience in the fields of disability and rehabilitation following Institutional Based Rehabilitation (IBR) Approach as an alternative care, project management, event management, learning by sharing for the capacity enhancement of person with disabilities (PWDs) and their family members.  He has a Masters degree in Social Work specialization in “inclusive education for person with disabilities” from Purbanchal University in Nepal.




Ms. Samjhana Bhetwal is founding Secretary of Social Workers Association Nepal (SWAN). She is working as a lecturer and full time faculty for Bachelor Degree in Social Work (BSW) in Kadambari Memorial College for last six years. Recently she is also a member of APASWE (Asian and Pacific Association for Social Work Education) and IASSW (International Association of Schools of Social Work. She has an academic background of Bachelor of Arts in Social Work from Purbanchal and Master in Sociology from Tribhuvan University.





Mr. Om Krishna Shrestha Master in Social work (MSW) from Purbanchal University is a founder member of Social Workers’ Association Nepal (SWAN). He is also a member of APASWE (Asian and Pacific Association for Social Work Education) and IASSW (International Association of Schools of Social Work, at large. He has an academic background of Master of Social Work from St. Xavier’s College, Kathmandu, Nepal and has been working in social and educational sector for last four years.  He is also a freelancing researcher and presenter of social issues. Currently, he is involved in a research on “Corporal Punishment in schools: A study on seven districts of Bagmati Zone in close coordination with Children and Women in Social service and Human Right (CWISH).



Ms. Sanima, Member of SWAN


Ms. Kirti Bhattarai

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